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We lost a beloved friend this weekend and respectfully mourn with his family and the thousands of kids, artists and fans who took inspiration from his classic film Style Wars. Ive been friend of his for many years and have had a special attachment to him as a person who had a great depth of intellect in all areas of his life. As a mentor and friend I have known him for his appreciation for the art of life and the life of art in others, that is why he made Style Wars and Facing the Audience a film about Marshall Arisman. Many of you know that I have sought to extend the legacy of his work online with the website, a labor of love I have been doing since the beginning of the internet, it was this collaboration between him, Henry and myself that help bring more people to know and support the film. It is this collaboration that will continue on as the website goes into its next phase, realizing the enormous effect of his work on the global graffiti community. I will keep you all posted on what is to come next and where to leave your condolences, for now you may leave them at http://www.myspace.com/stylewars. Thank you Tony, and thank you Lisa Silver for caring for our friend.

taken from MARE 193
and LANS



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