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Have a trippy year !



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BreakInvasion bandung 2012
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- Geeezz , the bboys are getting sicker and sicker..

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Love and Security

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- Daafuqq.. This guys are next level !

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- Sick !

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Just Writing My Name

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Just Writing My Name is coming to town, On 28 of October 2012 the event will held in Jakarta, at Bintaro Sector 1. This event was the first held in Indonesia, and the second in Asia, the first ever held in Thailand in 2009. The core is graffiti jam; make some draw and hangout, that’s why we invite a bunch of street artist, they insist of famous writers and the coolest graffiti artist.

Here is the line up: Darbotz, Koma, Muth, Nsane5, Tutu, Wormo (Jakarta), Older+, Racht4, Stereoflow, Cheztwo, Kum kum (Bandung), Nsideone, Tutuloveme (Jogjakarta), seems enough? no, we called our friends from Malaysia, PHB KLK.

- Dripsndrops


Sunday Cool Picture

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The Real Street Artist

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Mr. Nur isn't you're conventional street artist. This middle-aged homeless Indonesian man continues to use his time, effort and skills to spread messages about corrupt politics and other social ills. 
This film finds Mr.Nur in South Jakarta painting alongside renowned graffiti writer BNE, who himself is dedicated to a cause - the BNE Water Project.

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September 9th 2012 at W_SPACE. 11.00 A.M - 11.00 P.M

We are proudly announcing that on September 9th 2012 we are bringing back one of our signature event, FOOTURAMA SWAPMEET! After a 5 year hiatus, Footurama Swapmeet is back again and still bringing lots of fun of finding rare, vintage items and other quality pre-owned items that might be gold for you. This one day event will take place at W_SPACE, Kemang, from 11am to 11pm. 

The title "The Return" emerged from the event's comeback after the last one was held 5 years ago. (wow that long?). Footurama Swapmeet was first held in july 2006, and continued with its sequels, Part II & III in late 2006 and 2007. Past Swapmeets were events where friends and communities gathered not only to buy and sell, but also trade ideas and make connections. Friends like Sanchia & The Slyndicates, Darbotz, Tuff Stuff Gang, Tembok Bomber, and WhatNot, were all together under one roof. 

Swapmeets are always known to be the place where you can find rare quality items with simplicity of buying, selling or trading made as simple as possible. The excitement of finding something really good is what people should expect from this event. Check out the pictures from past swapmeets by clicking those little arrows below the image thumbnails.

Highlighting sentimental things from the past swapmeets, we are releasing the new Footurama Logo T-Shirt. The t-shirt will be available in a very limited quantities so make sure you come early to cop them. We are also supported by our good friends from Indonesia Sneaker Team, Soleplay, Pot Meets Pop Family, TuffStuff, Capital, MAD, Urbain, Elhaus, Bluesville, Otoko., Bootleg Rgd., Lighthouse, Maine St. Footwear and still more to come. You also need to prepare yourself cause in addition, there will be music presented by Isle of Seeds, Asia Afrika Soundsystem & Kulki. 

There will also be a limited free of charge space for visitors to come and sell their stuff. If they are lucky, they will meet the right people to buy or trade their items with. Feel free to contact us via info@footurama.com if you need more details about this. 

Shortly, you must come. That's all you need to do. 


Jakarta's Finest

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- All of my bboy friends get together to showcase what really going down in Jakarta. Feature some of the top player in bboyin such as King Kreate, Floorshark, TPZ, Lee1, Dice, Snaprock, Duckzilla, and much more.. Should definitely watch this. Sit back, relax and enjoy your popcorn while u watch. 

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