400 ML

Monday | 4/28/2008 02:37:00 PM | 0 comments

400ml project is the creation of an indivisible collection of paint sprays customized by the artists.
This collection will be published into an art book printed by the editions KITCHEN 93.
It will be made available to the association LE M.U.R. who will be in charge of organizing exhibitions and live events.
The collection will be composed of 400 spray cans and therefore 400 artists.
some artists who have already agreed to take part the project, FlowerGuy (USA), Speedy Graphito (FRA), BASK (USA), Jace (FRA), RUIDO (BRA), Jérôme MESNAGER (FRA), *G* (FRA), ASHD (SGP), Jean FAUCHEUR (FRA), L'Atlas (FRA), TomTom (FRA), Roadsworth (CAN), Abe LINCOLN Jr (USA), The London Police (NLD), Space3 (NLD), MORCKY (USA), BUFF MONSTER (USA), SMATIK (DEU), TA55O (DEU), ILK (FRA), KEINOM (DEU), KOMA (FRA), EGR (CAN), LABRONA (CAN), BLADE (FRA), ATOME (AUS), CRASH (USA), ZEVS (FRA), SICKBOY (UK),…

www.associationlemur.com and www.faucheur.fr




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