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Over the past view months, I've been contribute some of my review to Green Paper Boys. The review contains Asian street wear brands. If you have some times to check out some of the hippest brands on Asia, just visit Green Paper Boys.

Founded in 2008, Green Paper Boys is a company building Asian quality brands in Europe and across the globe. We are connected with the hottest Asian street wear brands in Asia and it’s about damn time the West should recognize. Not to brag, but we bring a whole new lifestyle into your area, something you’ve never seen before. So many brands who don’t get their shine on. So many creatives who deserve to live the life of a boss. A shame isn’t it?

Green Paper Boys is the gateway to Europe for Asian street wear brands. Consider us as brand builders who got their eye on the street to bring the finest Asian street couture into the West. Check out the brands and the look book on our site, feel free to contact us.

But the green is mandatory, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to floss that sh*t.



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