Soulnation 09

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Axis Jakarta International Java Soulnation Festival 2009 report. The event is dedicated to the music enthusiast specially hip hop, R&B, soul, jazzy kinda thing with performance from both locally and internationally. Includes one of my favorite rap from all time DMC of Run Dmc, Musiq Soulchild, Atlantic Star, DJ Spooky, DJ leno, The Ting Tings, Arrested Development, Boogiemen, NEO, Batik Tribe, Tortured Soul, Ras Muhammad, and much more.
On this event, i team up with Wev2k - Rest - Choco7 - Cabione - Name2 - Qbone. The objective is just make whatever that we want like we do on the street. Since we used to do that. We did it all of that on 12hour straight non stop. Im just kidding, my legs hurt like crap i tell ya! I cant barely stand right after we finished the whole wall separately. Just imagine standing for 12hour non stop. Geez... I never thought making something i used to do it would be like running for marathon. But then, it was a lot of fun. Although were not really talk to each other while making it. Because the time is to short, were making all of the piece's etc with turbo mode : ON. If not, were not gonna make it on time..
Thanks to wev2k for letting this happened. then also for the others who already work your ass off. and of course Java music indo.

More at Choco7 blog

Preparing the goods..

Wev2k - Rest - Choco7 - Cabione - Name2 - Nsane5 - Qbone

The gate..
With my man Name2 (characters) and i did the hip & hop.

On the ticket box

Choco7 & Name2 (character)

Cabione & Name2 (character)

I also did official merchandise tag..

Wev2k - Qbone - Rest



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