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So i got invited to RCF1 " surfaces actives " at gallery national Jakarta on 25 jan last month. The event took 3 days, from introduction, discussion, painting, and more painting. He's one of France oldskool writer who started graffiti from 1988. Man, i cant barely walk at that year. This is some of the flix from the event. Big thanks to Racht4 for taking some photo. Also to Shake, Morden, Cheztwo, Koma, Ash2, Edor, the people who came and last but not least RCF1 (France) . Thanks for the canvases and stories about three dots (you knoo).

RCF1 myspace HERE

Rcf1 doin introduction to graffiti pioneer Dondi, Tkid, Phase, Futura2000, Jonone

Showing his works

I dont have his complete photo of his piece. Cos i didnt make it on the last day when he finished his work.

Edor FAB

So me and Shake came up with different sketch today. Combining SHAKE AND NSANE we finally did SHAANE.

Shake FAB



Morden UBC

It says my name. Much love man..



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