Monday | 9/13/2010 02:45:00 PM | 0 comments

To promote the exhibition, we made several murals with all the team of writers from Indonesia (Darbotz, Kims, Bujangan Urban, Nsane5, Wormo, Tutu and The Popo). The objective are to create "WALL STREET ARTS" with our signature style. Each writer draw two letters that been choose randomly. As you see, i get the letter S and an A. Then the others got to do the rest..
This is the first wall that we did on one of the busiest u-turn in south Jakarta. Tons of cars pass this road every rush hour time. Its a great spot for promoting the exhibition.
Thanks for Cabione, Alia, Gita, Artco and the rest of the people who stop by, taking picture and accompany us through the night. You guys rock! I'll post the second wall soon. Just hang loose..

All photo from Darbotz. Click HERE to see more.



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