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*Sick video from Tutu

Yes i know, like i said earlier. Sick video indeed. By the way, i'm sorry for the late update yo, i know Halloween is over.. Been kinda busy with work n stuff lately.
This is actually the first wall that we did since Tutu join force with MASE. Too bad that Cabione can't join us to paint, although he came down to the spot to chill. Yet, this is another high quality detailed work from Mad Asians Spraying Earth. Hope you guys like our work. Tji jiieeaaahhhh !

(left to right Tutu - Abang8 - Netic9 - Nametwo - Nsane5 - Mumu) *Click to see BIG !

*All picture grabbed from Tutu. Click to see more pic at Tutu's Flickr.

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