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This is actually the second time I went to Malaysia. But the thing is, the first time i was there was about 8 years ago. Things has change. From the road to the sideway it all diff. Anyway, the wall for MOS is pretty damn long. I can't tell how long is it. Even with that much writers painting, the wall is not even finish. I'm talking about kilometers..
Speaking of the hotel, i stayed for 3 days with Zids BAI.PMT at some small cheapo hotel that can only fit a mouse and an ant. Packed style.. I kinda feel bad for HA's Jiroe, Roid, Gary, and Aroe. Because they stayed just next door.. The water running so slow, and sometimes a cockroach pass by when you taking a shower. Geez, Thats explain a lot why we never stayed in the hotel. We always go out for a little "something" at night. Hmm..
My boy Cabione on the other hand, stayed in different hotel called "Homey" with Shake FAB beside District shop. I always laugh when i heard the name. Me and cabi always make fun of it. "where do you stay homie? i stayed at the Homey. Homie.." jhahaha ROFL
All i can say is that i had a great time at Malaysia. Too many stories to tell. Big shout to supersundaycrew, phobia, pwc, and all the Malaysian. To all the sponsors too, AirAsia, Nikon, Bumblebee Consultant, Graphotism, Graff it, Subliminal Art, Pop Collective, etc.

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