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On january, i got the opportunities to go to Bali again. One of my favorite place in Indonesia. I was there with Darbotz and Name2. We're hired to do a commissioned job for Hardrock hotel.
After a long work before, we finally arrive on a very nice weather. Nothin close like Jakarta, it was sunny as fawk. But its to bad after the first three days full of duty, the weather turns into stormy windy rainy unfriendly thingy. Kinda goin into the center of a washing machine. Pretty sucks to go out on that period of time.
Anyway, i had a great time with the trip. Thanks to Darbotz for make things happend. Also Name2 for the gloomy days. Last but not least to Hardrock Hotel Bali for a comfort bedroom, food, swimming pool and good time. Enjoy the video.

Nsane5 x Darbotz x Name2 at Hardrock Hotel Bali.

(Click the pic to see giant size)

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saya suka ( i like it to graffiti )


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