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Kosmopolite Art, started at Bagnolet in 2002, Kosmopolite is the first international graffiti festival in France and it has grown bigger to other countries. Jakarta is one of kosmopolite connection in Asia. Kosmopolite goals are to introduce graffiti to the general audience and explore the concept of intercultural links.

Kosmopolite Artist Line Up :
FR : Lazoo / Kongo.
HLD : Besok.
IDN : Darbotz / Wormo / Nsane5 / Kims / Tutu / Shake / Netic / Older+ / Koma / Hest1.

The Workshop
Workshop Kosmopolis @D’Gallery Barito No 3,
Start at 1-2 December 2011, kosmopolite association will creating project to show the graffiti culture in interactive way which share their knowledge and technique to showing their love and passion to the next generations.

In modern days graffiti become a culture. The event covers the beginning and history of modern graffiti in variety of their countries around the world.

The Exhibition
Exhibition Kosmopolis @D’gallery Barito No 3,
3 December the Parisian and Indonesian Graffiti artist will set up an exhibition of canvas artwork showing their emotions to the world. Aesthetic and conceptual analogies develop by artists with various backgrounds.

Kosmo Jamming @Kemang Futsal
Each Graffiti artist performs and expresses their visions in to the walls on their graffiti, it is not only about street-art it can be interested more like contemporary art which esthetic and good value on it.


Besok, born in Germany in 1974, he began his journey to do the first expositions, projects and commissioned works in Europe and abroad in 1996. The love of painting grew after he graduate from university for Design/Illustrations diploma. In many years after, he also publish books and six board and card games for children. His creative field doesn’t stop there. He also expand to visualize for print, TV and websites.

Darbotz, capturing portrait of Jakarta essence to his artwork (The Cumi). A character described his alter ego against the hard city. The founder tembokbomber.com tags on the street since 2004 and become one of the biggest street-art and graffiti community in Indonesia. By using simple color, the picture that he made in the wall able to take the attention in the middle of visual density.

Hest, wild and “broken” concrete environment, the “mind blowing” effect that those colors, shapes, characters and attitudes had on my soul sparks the never ending daily quest for personal and spiritual elevation, through knowledge, art and multicultural exchange. Life experiences and chance encounters, linked with my personal influences, have molded the manner in which I work and have undeniably channeled the gorge through which my art flows; a constant search for balance between harmony and contrast, innocence and wisdom, movement and stability, reality and truth.

Kims, has developed his act as a graffiti artist rather late in his career, which explains that far from traditional conception of this artistic expression, he works a lot on signs which he repeats endlessly on the walls of Jakarta.

Koma, possessed on infamous Indonesian monster ‘Buto Ijo’.Koma Indo young and talented graffiti brings a new era of eye-candy-colored comic illustration to his artwork. He has placed himself on the edge of the graffiti world.

Kongo, His love on graffiti reflects to his personality by tutoring the younger generations about the culture in the positive ways. His experienced touted him become a major graffiti artist and Guru.

Lazoo, hip hop inbound for 20 years, he is become solid and mastered. Symbol of sensuality and hope of the world dominating to his artwork and still looking for magic moments to put his creation as a witness of the urban society.

Netic9, has been writing since 2004. His achievements led him to
joining MASE Crew on 2009. Until now he still writes and has developed
his own wild style.

Nsane5, young emerging artists from Jakarta, Nsane5 already has an appreciation for his talent and creative freshness. He works graphic colorful, blending classical influences of graffiti and street art culture.

Older+, born and raised in Jakarta. Started graffiti in 2005, along with RACHT4 formed a crew named "ICE crew". Straight lines, abstract lines, solid, clean, messy, wild, complex, abstract, sweet, love, dark, and bright color into a form of his style on Graffiti. "He does not need to be clean, all he needs is only Catchy."

Shake, majored in Product Design and has been interested in graffiti since senior high. On 2002, Shake and Stereo formed ‘TagTeam’ and started doing graffiti. After a while, Shake formed FAB Family with other graffiti crews in Bandung, PHBKLK (graffiti crew from Malaysia) and ZNC (international graffiti crew based in Singapore). Shake describes his style as ‘Wildstyle’ influenced by the New York’s hip-hop culture.

Tutu, character the naughtiness and wild represent the marginalized group that been limited with all the rules and the law. His Idea in graffiti brings something fresh and unique among the wall.

Wormo, started as a graphic designer and art director. He and his friend founded “TotalTerror”, a graphic design studio. Wormo started his work on the street by making big poster of “Concrete Worm” a form of resistance against Jakarta’s gray and dirty wall domination. At the end of 2004, Wormo and friends founded the “Tembokbomber.com”. A web based community and forum for Indonesian street artist and graffiti writer.


Day 1 (1-12-2011) : Workshop Kosmopolis for Beginers
Location: D’gallery Jalan Barito I no 3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Participants: 20 – 40 people
Speakers: 3 artist – Lazoo, Nsane5, Tutu
Duration: 5 hours
Start: 4.00 pm – 9.00 pm
• artist talk : 4 artist presentation
• live demo

Day 2 (2-12-2011): Workshop Kosmopolis for Advanced
Location: D’gallery Jalan Barito I no 3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Participants: 20 – 40 people
Speakers: 4 artist – Besok, Kongo, Darbotz, Kims
Duration: 5 hours
Start: 4.00 pm – 9.00 pm
• artist talk : 4 artist presentation
• live demo

Day3 (3-12-2011): Exposition Paris-jakarta
Location: D’gallery Jalan Barito I no 3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Artists: Lazoo, Kongo, Besok, Darbotz, Kims, Nsane5, Tutu, Wormo
Duration: 8 days
Opening Start: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Open for public

Day 4 (4-12-2011): Mural production Kosmo Jamming
Location: Kemang Futsal jalan kemang utara, jakarta
Artists: 3 International & 9 Local
Duration: 9hours
Start: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Open for public

Day 5 (6-12-2011): Graffology
Location: Bina Nusantara Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat
Participants: 40 – 70 people
Artists: Lazoo, Kongo, Besok, Koma
Duration: 6 hours
Start: 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Content: Workshop & Demo (live painting)

Day6 (7-12-2011): Kosmopolite Recap.
Location: Goods Dept. Plaza Indonesia
Start: 6 - 11pm
Artists: International & Local
Content: Event documentary, workshop & mural results, closing party
Duration: 7days
Open for public




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