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After 10 memorable editions highlighting diversity, exchange and intercultural enrichment, Kosmopolite has become a major event and reference in the graffiti world acting as an ambassador for Street Art and Graffiti, ever reaching out to a wide and international audience. By taking root in urban reality, graffiti as a budding form of artistic expression and experimentation undeniably takes part in the challenging of our contemporary cities’ functional and dysfunctional processes.

In 2011, from Jakarta to Sao Paulo, Graffiti takes center stage for this new edition of the Kosmo Art Tour. In Paris and Bagnolet, artists shall work hand in hand to allow each and every one of us to enjoy graffiti’s artistic wealth and diversity. With a novel collaboration between the Kosmopolite and Paris Hip Hop festivals, the Kosmo Art Tour 2011 inaugurates a new approach to cultural exchange and transmission both in France and throughout the world. With its rebellious but ever reaching out artists, Graffiti takes special care this year in extending its support to the victims of the Japanese Tsunami. An action inspired and led by the artists is therefore organized in favor of Japan.

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