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So yea, MASE CREW trip finally came true.. On the first journey, Abang8, Mumu, Cabi1 and Myself went out to Tegal to visit our dear friend Same33. Tegal located in central Java, probably around 4 - 6 hours away from Jakarta by train. What i think about the place was nothing close to what i've imagined. The graffiti scene is very much alive there, but its still growing and very young. The city is more organized than Jakarta, no traffic at all, beautiful scenery, good weather, blue skies and there are so many nice people down there. Although there's not much to do except painting some graffiti. Tegal have some good tasty food and it's very cheap too ! Shout out to all Tegal writers. Also super big shout to Psyco graf and 0283 for the good wall. 

Abang8 - Same33 - Nsane5 - Chavi - Mumu
(Click to see big !!)


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