Friday | 4/20/2012 01:14:00 PM | 0 comments

G'day mate, how things goin? Its been a while since i step my feet on Singapore, can't really remember anything from my last visit. It felt like my first time being there. On the first day, i paint with my good friend of mine from FAB, Cheztwo. I also suppose to paint with Jaba UB and also with Clogtwo ZNC, but the rain and this and that makes us change our schedule. To bad i didn't have the time to finally paint with them two.. Even i was late when im going to The Radical Force anniversary. I had a great time thanks to my family, Kreate, Radical Force Crew, Farhan, Red, Floor shark, Hamdi,  East Rider Crew, Clogtwo, Jaba, Cheztwo, Medina, and all the bboys. Enjoy the flicks !



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