Kosmopolite 10th anniversary

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Kosmopolite Art Tour

Created in Bagnolet in 2002 the meeting between the MAC Group and 12Douze, Kosmopolite is the first international festival of graffiti in France. Administered by the association of the same name, it aims to promote the richness and diversity of street art. Urban Arts represent new forms of artistic expression and experimentation. Placed firmly at the heart of the city by a direct artistic intrusion into the urban landscape, these practices seek to forge closer ties with it, while going to meet different audiences.These emerging art forms, and included in the urban reality, possible to question the workings of our contemporary cities, and to question the relationship between art andits environment. With its festival, the association Kosmopolite aims to reveal the graffiti to the general public, while combining it with other art, for the sake of enrichment and sublimation.

For 2012, we wish to report on all these cultural activities by organizing the 10thanniversary of the festival at Bagnolet. Thus, we want to program an anniversary edition in 2012, that emphasizes the highlights developed in the last 10 years ....

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