Just Writing My Name

Monday | 10/15/2012 05:02:00 PM | 0 comments

Just Writing My Name is coming to town, On 28 of October 2012 the event will held in Jakarta, at Bintaro Sector 1. This event was the first held in Indonesia, and the second in Asia, the first ever held in Thailand in 2009. The core is graffiti jam; make some draw and hangout, that’s why we invite a bunch of street artist, they insist of famous writers and the coolest graffiti artist.

Here is the line up: Darbotz, Koma, Muth, Nsane5, Tutu, Wormo (Jakarta), Older+, Racht4, Stereoflow, Cheztwo, Kum kum (Bandung), Nsideone, Tutuloveme (Jogjakarta), seems enough? no, we called our friends from Malaysia, PHB KLK.

- Dripsndrops



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