"Over Heat"

Sunday | 9/06/2009 03:13:00 PM | 2 comments

At first we manage time to set up a big wall just for me and Cabione. But after we finish rolling the background, Abang8 came along with Name2. Then we decide to add more people to our wall to makes it even hotter! The works continued for more than a weeks or almost a month. After the hot day, the energy, the time and stuff. We finally finish the project.

Big thanks for Netic9, Choco7, Yori, Alip, Mumu, Zany13, and Kade for taking photos, videos and hanging out with us.. For more photo click HERE, HERE. and fullwall HERE.

(Click to see big)



Anonymous Chezt It Out ! 9:30 PM said ... : 

Is it me ? or it just getting HOT in herreeee !!


Anonymous kemy 9:17 PM said ... : 

take your mo''fukkin shirt off niggs! it's too hot in this joint!


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