Thursday | 2/18/2010 05:12:00 PM | 0 comments

So yea, 2010 here we go again. This time Darbotz and i met Jon Reiss who creates BOMB IT graffiti documentary. We chill, have a lunch a bit, talk about politics, Jakarta, the people, bahasa and also paint for his upcoming movie BOMB IT 2. He just got back from Bangkok and will be heading to Singapore to teach about film and stuff.
Too bad that he stays just for a day, so we dont have enough time to do anything. In fact we paint for 2 hours and thats it. Before, we plan to do bombing at night as well but we got to tired. Thankfully we're under the bridge. Cause the rain fall right when we paint. Right now, he makes sequel of never before seen footage of writers all around the world. You can see it here Its been great meeting you Jon. Hope we can do much next time.

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