Thursday | 9/16/2010 11:49:00 PM | 0 comments

On the exhibition day. I met a guy from French agency 'AFP' named Romeo Gacad & Jerome Rivet. They really put interest on our work and the exhibition. They ask us to do a wall for publication, because they will take the picture and videos then spread it through out the world. You can see it on my Facebook page. Most of the review already been published through the net.
We set up time the next day to do a nice wall. But sadly Tutu was having a fever, Bujangan Urban and The Popo left to Singapore for another exhibition. Thats explain why not all of the Wall Street Arts member paint this wall. Special thanks to Alia, Claude, Gita, Ina, Medina, Laurent, and Romeo.

(Click to see big)

All picture from Darbotz Flickr.



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