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When Tutu arrive at the airport from Shanghai with Shake, he called me and ask to join them to make production wall dedicated to all Wall Lords participant on Shanghai 2010. The next day, we went out to a chill spot to do a nice wall together. We started kinda late, so we had to paint fast because night is ticking.
The funny thing is when we enjoy painting and laughing, time flies. Shake had to go straight to Bandung in just 10 minutes. So we pack our stuff and scram to the travel agent. Too bad when we got there, we missed it by seconds. We had to call another agent to book a seat for Shake. They said "There's one seat left. But the driver is about to leave the place. If you're lucky you can still go, but i can't promise anything". Without further do, Tutu put the pedal to the metal and drove to the other agent. With lots of prayer, we finally made it 2 sec before the travel leave the place. So i ran to the driver and stop him from leaving while shake pay the bills. But he won't stop the car. Lucky us, one of the travel agent help me stop the driver from leaving. If not, shake would have to stay for 1 more night. hahaha what a rush..

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Picture from Tutu's cam and myself.
More pic at Tutu's Flickr.



Blogger tututupaimail@yahoo.com 11:56 PM said ... : 

hahahahaha,..yea,what a rush homie!!!! me and Shake just doin like a competition.limited timeeee!!!!!!


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