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Kosmopolite Art, started at Bagnolet in 2002, Kosmopolite is the first international graffiti festival in France and it has grown bigger to other countries. Jakarta is one of kosmopolite connection in Asia. Kosmopolite goals are to introduce graffiti to the general audience and explore the concept of intercultural links.

Kosmopolite Artist Line Up :
FR : Lazoo / Kongo.
HLD : Besok.
IDN : Darbotz / Wormo / Nsane5 / Kims / Tutu / Shake / Netic / Older+ / Koma / Hest1.

The Workshop
Workshop Kosmopolis @D’Gallerie Barito No 3,
Start at 1-2 December 2011, kosmopolite association will creating project to show the graffiti culture in interactive way which share their knowledge and technique to showing their love and passion to the next generations.

Graffology @BINUS University
In modern days graffiti become a culture. The event covers the beginning and history of modern graffiti in variety of their countries around the world.

The Exhibition
Exhibition Kosmopolis @D’gallerie Barito No 3,
3 December the Parisian and Indonesian Graffiti artist will set up an exhibition of canvas artwork showing their emotions to the world. Aesthetic and conceptual analogies develop by artists with various backgrounds.

Kosmo Jamming @Kemang Futsal
Each Graffiti artist performs and expresses their visions in to the walls on their graffiti, it is not only about street-art it can be interested more like contemporary art which esthetic and good value on it.

To see photos of the event you can click here

More info go to kosmo-art-tour.com

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