Hall of fame

Wednesday | 9/16/2009 02:40:00 PM | 0 comments

Yes there again. On the place so called Red Wall Hall of Fame. Many great talented artists throughout Indo's had already paint there. Although your piece wont last for long. Just take a look at some of the pic. There's a TOY already ditch it way before its done. But still this is one of my fav places for painting..

This time, a friend of mine Nexie TDM message me that he wants to come over all the way from Spain, Barcelona to the "J" for painting. If u ask about fasting, yep its thirsty like hell. But that's ain't the problem. As you may know, money is the real problem. HAHA

Big thanks to Mumu for taking a great lovely photo. and also to the peeps that went by. This is for ya!

Netic9 - Zany13 - Name2 - Nexie - Nsane5 2009. TDM X MASE!
(Click to be blown!)

F**k AKC! yea i said it. F**k them! Specially Sand9! You got issue dood!

Nsane5 MASE, UBC, RHK!



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