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This is capital old store back door that no longer exist. Man i miss hanging out there with ya'll. Doing things randomly.

Found at GRAVER blog.


Coming soon
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" These are some stills from our Asia Graf film we been doin this year. Out next year with a book - little follow up to Rackgaki. Watch this space. " - SRK

Found on SRK Flickr

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A good friend of mine Darbotz is having a solo exhibition. Be sure to come and support our local talent.


Dirty Handz 3 - 2010 DVD Edition

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It’s the best graff movie of the 2000’s, voted by ILG users. Everyone probably saw it at a friend’s or on a cheap quality divx downloaded on internet. One of the best documentary about the european trainwriting movement ever been released on DVD kicks out a special edition in 2010: Dirty Handz 3 – The lost Tapes. Well, here is your chance to get the original DVD with full quality and special Bonus Footage. Get your copy of Dirty Handz 3 "Search & Destroy" - 2010 DVD Edition here.

Info VIA Molotow


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Basically me, Name2, Choco7, and Toge asked by Adidas to do custom shoes for charity after Padang earthquake. For return we got to choose free Adidas shoes in one of their counter at Plaza Indonesia. HELL YEA! This event is actually held last year at Buddha Bar, Menteng with live band, Dj's, bazaar, and hot chicks of course. But i didn't had the chance to edited the video up until now. So here it is people!

and this is my Adidas Stan Smith custom.

Event recap

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So yea, 2010 here we go again. This time Darbotz and i met Jon Reiss who creates BOMB IT graffiti documentary. We chill, have a lunch a bit, talk about politics, Jakarta, the people, bahasa and also paint for his upcoming movie BOMB IT 2. He just got back from Bangkok and will be heading to Singapore to teach about film and stuff.
Too bad that he stays just for a day, so we dont have enough time to do anything. In fact we paint for 2 hours and thats it. Before, we plan to do bombing at night as well but we got to tired. Thankfully we're under the bridge. Cause the rain fall right when we paint. Right now, he makes sequel of never before seen footage of writers all around the world. You can see it here Its been great meeting you Jon. Hope we can do much next time.

(Click the image to see big)


Happy Valentine

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Yea i know its late, its already 15th.. Thats why i give ya'll this present. A little sumthin sumthin. American Apparel : The search for the best bottom in the entire universe !



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Mumu found this photo on someones blog.

You know what dude, i cant even remember when i did this throw, all i remember, i went out with Very1 CMK and Morden UBC. Its a good thing that this stuff is still runnin. Ohh and btw, check out her blog out! shes mad skill

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Jammbalaiyaahh.. Oh boy.


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So i got invited to RCF1 " surfaces actives " at gallery national Jakarta on 25 jan last month. The event took 3 days, from introduction, discussion, painting, and more painting. He's one of France oldskool writer who started graffiti from 1988. Man, i cant barely walk at that year. This is some of the flix from the event. Big thanks to Racht4 for taking some photo. Also to Shake, Morden, Cheztwo, Koma, Ash2, Edor, the people who came and last but not least RCF1 (France) . Thanks for the canvases and stories about three dots (you knoo).

RCF1 myspace HERE

Rcf1 doin introduction to graffiti pioneer Dondi, Tkid, Phase, Futura2000, Jonone

Showing his works

I dont have his complete photo of his piece. Cos i didnt make it on the last day when he finished his work.

Edor FAB

So me and Shake came up with different sketch today. Combining SHAKE AND NSANE we finally did SHAANE.

Shake FAB



Morden UBC

It says my name. Much love man..