Copy cat

Tuesday | 9/29/2009 02:00:00 AM | 3 comments

I just receive an email.

Newo1 writes :
"this is the photo that i found at bukit.CIRENDEU"

Well as you can see, i guess someone been trying to reworked on my character. Thanks for the flix man.

Photo by : Newo1

The reference..



Sunday | 9/27/2009 01:24:00 PM | 0 comments

NeticNiner MASE just having a major updates on his Blog. One of great talented artist is emerge! There are tons of great stuff on Netic9 Blog. Be sure to check 'em out.


Printed In Gold

Friday | 9/18/2009 01:02:00 AM | 0 comments

Mumu just update his blog. Contains a real dope photography. Just take a closer look about this photo. It burn my eyes dood.

Taken with, Diana+ 120mm.

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Hall of fame

Wednesday | 9/16/2009 02:40:00 PM | 0 comments

Yes there again. On the place so called Red Wall Hall of Fame. Many great talented artists throughout Indo's had already paint there. Although your piece wont last for long. Just take a look at some of the pic. There's a TOY already ditch it way before its done. But still this is one of my fav places for painting..

This time, a friend of mine Nexie TDM message me that he wants to come over all the way from Spain, Barcelona to the "J" for painting. If u ask about fasting, yep its thirsty like hell. But that's ain't the problem. As you may know, money is the real problem. HAHA

Big thanks to Mumu for taking a great lovely photo. and also to the peeps that went by. This is for ya!

Netic9 - Zany13 - Name2 - Nexie - Nsane5 2009. TDM X MASE!
(Click to be blown!)

F**k AKC! yea i said it. F**k them! Specially Sand9! You got issue dood!

Nsane5 MASE, UBC, RHK!



Tuesday | 9/08/2009 09:09:00 PM | 0 comments

North West Koast just have an update goin on.. Be sure to check it HERE. Yo Demos, Thanks for the shout!

Demos NWK, Jakarta



Monday | 9/07/2009 10:07:00 PM | 3 comments

Its our road! naaah just joking. Hahaha its funny to see that actually on the street. Photo by Noiz. Check out his blog HERE.


"Over Heat"

Sunday | 9/06/2009 03:13:00 PM | 2 comments

At first we manage time to set up a big wall just for me and Cabione. But after we finish rolling the background, Abang8 came along with Name2. Then we decide to add more people to our wall to makes it even hotter! The works continued for more than a weeks or almost a month. After the hot day, the energy, the time and stuff. We finally finish the project.

Big thanks for Netic9, Choco7, Yori, Alip, Mumu, Zany13, and Kade for taking photos, videos and hanging out with us.. For more photo click HERE, HERE. and fullwall HERE.

(Click to see big)



Tuesday | 9/01/2009 11:50:00 PM | 1 comments

Abang8 went nuts with the drips. Check out more stuff at his Blog.


9/01/2009 08:34:00 PM | 0 comments

Yet again 400ML project.


9/01/2009 02:09:00 AM | 0 comments

Here we go with the second update from Virus-k at JCC, Jakarta. The event contains a very creative people throughout Indonesia. Not just graffiti. but also fine art, fashion, low rider, photography, sculpture, installation, and much more..
The graffiti exhibition include artworks from each MASE Crew, Darbotz and Koma. For the installation i did the tag and all of the 3 pieces, Zany13 did the girl, and Name2 for all the characters. Don't be fool by the size of the wall. Its bigger than it looks i tell ya..! MORE PHOTO.
(Click the image to see bigger!)


Name2 and Kuner


The Crew!

On the left is Koma x Yeah ARTCO.

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