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Kosmopolite Art, started at Bagnolet in 2002, Kosmopolite is the first international graffiti festival in France and it has grown bigger to other countries. Jakarta is one of kosmopolite connection in Asia. Kosmopolite goals are to introduce graffiti to the general audience and explore the concept of intercultural links.

Kosmopolite Artist Line Up :
FR : Lazoo / Kongo.
HLD : Besok.
IDN : Darbotz / Wormo / Nsane5 / Kims / Tutu / Shake / Netic / Older+ / Koma / Hest1.

The Workshop
Workshop Kosmopolis @D’Gallery Barito No 3,
Start at 1-2 December 2011, kosmopolite association will creating project to show the graffiti culture in interactive way which share their knowledge and technique to showing their love and passion to the next generations.

In modern days graffiti become a culture. The event covers the beginning and history of modern graffiti in variety of their countries around the world.

The Exhibition
Exhibition Kosmopolis @D’gallery Barito No 3,
3 December the Parisian and Indonesian Graffiti artist will set up an exhibition of canvas artwork showing their emotions to the world. Aesthetic and conceptual analogies develop by artists with various backgrounds.

Kosmo Jamming @Kemang Futsal
Each Graffiti artist performs and expresses their visions in to the walls on their graffiti, it is not only about street-art it can be interested more like contemporary art which esthetic and good value on it.


Besok, born in Germany in 1974, he began his journey to do the first expositions, projects and commissioned works in Europe and abroad in 1996. The love of painting grew after he graduate from university for Design/Illustrations diploma. In many years after, he also publish books and six board and card games for children. His creative field doesn’t stop there. He also expand to visualize for print, TV and websites.

Darbotz, capturing portrait of Jakarta essence to his artwork (The Cumi). A character described his alter ego against the hard city. The founder tembokbomber.com tags on the street since 2004 and become one of the biggest street-art and graffiti community in Indonesia. By using simple color, the picture that he made in the wall able to take the attention in the middle of visual density.

Hest, wild and “broken” concrete environment, the “mind blowing” effect that those colors, shapes, characters and attitudes had on my soul sparks the never ending daily quest for personal and spiritual elevation, through knowledge, art and multicultural exchange. Life experiences and chance encounters, linked with my personal influences, have molded the manner in which I work and have undeniably channeled the gorge through which my art flows; a constant search for balance between harmony and contrast, innocence and wisdom, movement and stability, reality and truth.

Kims, has developed his act as a graffiti artist rather late in his career, which explains that far from traditional conception of this artistic expression, he works a lot on signs which he repeats endlessly on the walls of Jakarta.

Koma, possessed on infamous Indonesian monster ‘Buto Ijo’.Koma Indo young and talented graffiti brings a new era of eye-candy-colored comic illustration to his artwork. He has placed himself on the edge of the graffiti world.

Kongo, His love on graffiti reflects to his personality by tutoring the younger generations about the culture in the positive ways. His experienced touted him become a major graffiti artist and Guru.

Lazoo, hip hop inbound for 20 years, he is become solid and mastered. Symbol of sensuality and hope of the world dominating to his artwork and still looking for magic moments to put his creation as a witness of the urban society.

Netic9, has been writing since 2004. His achievements led him to
joining MASE Crew on 2009. Until now he still writes and has developed
his own wild style.

Nsane5, young emerging artists from Jakarta, Nsane5 already has an appreciation for his talent and creative freshness. He works graphic colorful, blending classical influences of graffiti and street art culture.

Older+, born and raised in Jakarta. Started graffiti in 2005, along with RACHT4 formed a crew named "ICE crew". Straight lines, abstract lines, solid, clean, messy, wild, complex, abstract, sweet, love, dark, and bright color into a form of his style on Graffiti. "He does not need to be clean, all he needs is only Catchy."

Shake, majored in Product Design and has been interested in graffiti since senior high. On 2002, Shake and Stereo formed ‘TagTeam’ and started doing graffiti. After a while, Shake formed FAB Family with other graffiti crews in Bandung, PHBKLK (graffiti crew from Malaysia) and ZNC (international graffiti crew based in Singapore). Shake describes his style as ‘Wildstyle’ influenced by the New York’s hip-hop culture.

Tutu, character the naughtiness and wild represent the marginalized group that been limited with all the rules and the law. His Idea in graffiti brings something fresh and unique among the wall.

Wormo, started as a graphic designer and art director. He and his friend founded “TotalTerror”, a graphic design studio. Wormo started his work on the street by making big poster of “Concrete Worm” a form of resistance against Jakarta’s gray and dirty wall domination. At the end of 2004, Wormo and friends founded the “Tembokbomber.com”. A web based community and forum for Indonesian street artist and graffiti writer.


Day 1 (1-12-2011) : Workshop Kosmopolis for Beginers
Location: D’gallery Jalan Barito I no 3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Participants: 20 – 40 people
Speakers: 3 artist – Lazoo, Nsane5, Tutu
Duration: 5 hours
Start: 4.00 pm – 9.00 pm
• artist talk : 4 artist presentation
• live demo

Day 2 (2-12-2011): Workshop Kosmopolis for Advanced
Location: D’gallery Jalan Barito I no 3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Participants: 20 – 40 people
Speakers: 4 artist – Besok, Kongo, Darbotz, Kims
Duration: 5 hours
Start: 4.00 pm – 9.00 pm
• artist talk : 4 artist presentation
• live demo

Day3 (3-12-2011): Exposition Paris-jakarta
Location: D’gallery Jalan Barito I no 3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Artists: Lazoo, Kongo, Besok, Darbotz, Kims, Nsane5, Tutu, Wormo
Duration: 8 days
Opening Start: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Open for public

Day 4 (4-12-2011): Mural production Kosmo Jamming
Location: Kemang Futsal jalan kemang utara, jakarta
Artists: 3 International & 9 Local
Duration: 9hours
Start: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Open for public

Day 5 (6-12-2011): Graffology
Location: Bina Nusantara Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27 Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat
Participants: 40 – 70 people
Artists: Lazoo, Kongo, Besok, Koma
Duration: 6 hours
Start: 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Content: Workshop & Demo (live painting)

Day6 (7-12-2011): Kosmopolite Recap.
Location: Goods Dept. Plaza Indonesia
Start: 6 - 11pm
Artists: International & Local
Content: Event documentary, workshop & mural results, closing party
Duration: 7days
Open for public




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- Thanks Abang8


Darbotz Solo Exhibition

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The Evolution of Darbotz’s Storytelling

Mitha Budhyarto

Darbotz’s solo exhibition, The Boy Who Became a Monster, Vivi Yip Art Room, Jakarta, 4 December 2011 – 4 January 2012

What difference does it make, where a work of art is located? This question becomes important when the work of a street artist is exhibited in an art gallery. On a global level, for over four decades we have witnessed the birth of a new kind of art that are now colonizing cities worldwide. Beyond the hype attached to it, the steady progression of street art indicates its powerful role in testifying to a culture that defies mainstream understanding of what art is supposed to be. Street art is subversive – this is why it is a bold critique of the art world, as well as of the world of everyday urban life.

As a general rule, street artists feed off the creative buzz of cities. But each city is unique, and one would find it hard to compare Jakarta with any other cities in the world. When he started out, Darbotz literally used Jakarta as his canvas – its rundown, jam-packed, dilapidated streets and building walls, alleyways and bridges. In the Indonesian street art scene, Darbotz is hardly a new name, and his relentless, consistent attitude to work has earned him the respect of his peers. Working in Jakarta, and driven by the struggle that characterizes its everyday living conditions, Darbotz’s graffiti becomes his personal testament to the city.

In the spaces of Jakarta, Darbotz works provide a way for us to reconnect with our everyday spaces by bursting open their dull banality with his trademark monochromatic imageries. When we are stuck in traffic, for instance, the momentary pleasure of looking at Darbotz’s images – heads with oversized, sharp teeth, octopuses with tentacles that spread out the length of flyovers – revitalize our experience of the city. When his works are taken out of the context of the urban surrounding to the gallery, the gallery does more than legitimize the status of his art – the status of Darbotz works have already been secured by the streets of Jakarta. Rather than legitimizing Darbotz works, this exhibition provides an insight into how these artworks create a space different to that which he produces in the streets of Jakarta. In the flyovers and alleyways, his works create a space in which we escape – however temporarily – the dreariness and alienation of urban living. On canvases hung in the gallery, these works create a space for Darbotz’s storytelling, for the production of a narrative that is not possible in Jakarta’s streets. As the artist says, “What I have with gallery works that I didn’t with graffiti is more time for exploration – of ideas, of materials, of execution. This is one of the biggest difference for me”. More time to explore, more time for Darbotz to tell his story. These new works clearly display how Darbotz have taken full advantage of the luxury of having more and thus more opportunity to explore. Here, we can see how the artist has progressed beyond previous tried-and-tested techniques. Instead, we see the emergence of new characters and the introduction of a new colour scheme, in order to create a bold visual narrative that remains unmistakably his.

In Monster Inside of Us #1 and #2, for instance, Darbotz tells us the story of freakish creatures that exist within us. The figurative renditions of a human face show an artist exploring new visual directions without necessarily erasing the old path that led him there. In terms of form, the way the human face is depicted is new for Darbotz, but the characteristic image of the squid (Monster Inside Us # 2) remains apparent. With these paintings, Darbotz is claiming that it is Jakarta that turned him into a ‘monster’, though this is neither good nor bad, as the resin sculpture The Rest depicts. Rather than signifying repulsion to the city that makes him, this work conveys a critical acceptance of the conditions – no matter how rotten and corrupt they may be – that make Jakarta what it is. Conditions whose effect mercilessly twists and frays our nerves, as the entangled spirals of Body Mind Trick #2 – monochromatic save for the unexpected pink undulating curves – shows.

Darbotz’s works do more than simply portray negative sentiments attached to the ugly degradation of cities. For cities are potent concoctions of paradoxes, and this is an element that makes them enticing. Pollluted #1, #2 and #3 – as well as being interesting works in this collection for the vaporous cloud of smog executed in purple and pink acrylic – convey this clearly: the contaminated environment that surrounds us in the city are strangely the very thing that binds us to it. Cities are also alluring for the paradoxical co-existence between the old and the new. Looking at the Mess and Shadow speak of the layer upon layer of histories that mark our everyday spaces, where the most current is often built upon what was already there before it. Darbotz shows us that to create is not necessarily to create from a blank slate, but from pre-existing things and ideas. This is a discovery that the artist made through graffiti, which he is now translating into artworks made specifically for the gallery.

From the street to the gallery: are we simply echoing issues that others have questioned before? In the relatively recent development of street art, this has no doubt become a classic story to tell: the struggle an artist faces in translating truths found in the public space of the street to the private space of the gallery, and how they mold those experiences into new gallery-specific works. But, as is often the case, it is not the story as such but how that story is told, which leaves an impression on the audience and stirs their own imagination. This exhibition brings us Darbotz’s own way of telling the story of cities that ceaselessly inspire him, in their raw and gritty glory.

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Sunday Cool Picture
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- Ok people, on every sunday starting from this week forward. I will post some of the picture that i found from surfing the inter webz. From good graffiti, girls, cool shit, dope flix, crazy design, weird stuff, odd things, Etc. Enjoy..



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- Chillaxing tune for chilaxing day..


Here Comes The Neighborhood

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HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD is a Short-Form Docuseries exploring the power of Public Art and innovation to uplift and revitalize urban communities. The Pilot Season revolves around the Arts District of Wynwood Miami, featuring an array of internationally acclaimed and locally respected Street Artists, Graffiti Writers and Muralists.

In 2009, Urban Visionary and Placemaker Tony Goldman partnered with Jeffrey Deitch (Deitch Projects Soho and now director of MoCa Los Angeles) to create the Wynwood Walls.What began with a series of parking lots, loading docks, and drab rundown factory buildings, became a curation of high caliber murals from Futura, Shepard Fairey, OS Gemeos, Kenny Scharf and others. The Walls opened for Art Basel 2009, and now two years later the collection has expanded to include over thirty artists from around the world, becoming a "Town Center" in a district that has grown into one of the largest concentrations of commissioned murals in the World.

This year Artists, many of whom have not shown work in the United States before, were selected by Tony Goldman, Goldman Projects Arts Manager Meghan Coleman and Art Consultant Medvin Sobio of the Visual Arts Collective Viejas Del Mercado. 33third Los Angeles, Mid City Arts, and Montana Cans worked together to provide paint for the project's ambitious expansion.

HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD explores a unique juncture in history as a new community emerges and evolves. A progressive urban revitalization campaign is examined in the first person, using this year's new Artists and their commissions as a lens to explore a neighborhood in transition. The Series is framed by colorful overview and concluding episodes, providing the scope of past, present and future. Each episode is accented by images from legendary Documentary Photographer Martha Cooper, who has been capturing The Walls since they began in 2009. Her Photographs will also appear in a Special Edition Art Book "The Wynwood Walls and Doors" set to be released at Art Basel 2011.

For more information on the artists and history of the Wynwood Walls visit thewynwoodwalls.com

Episodes of HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD will digitally premiere for free in the weeks leading up to Art Basel. You are invited and encouraged to share, blog, “like” tweet and tumble this content freely and enthusiastically. Your interest and support is deeply appreciated. To learn more and to view the episodes as they are released, please visit the official site HCTN.tv and the VIMEO PAGE, or contact us directly at INFO@hctn.tv

Directed By: Jenner Furst
Produced By: Ben Solomon
Supervising Producers: Julia Willoughby Nason & Daniel B. Levin

Created By: Jenner Furst & Tony Goldman
Executive Producer: Tony Goldman

A CINEMART Production
In Association With Goldman Projects
Coordinating Producer: Meghan Coleman
Consulting Producer: Medvin Sobio

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Jonathan Mannion
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A Cleveland, Ohio native, Jonathan Mannion began capturing images of up-and-coming urban music superstars after working for a year with world-renowned photographer Richard Avedon. In 1996, he launched his professional career by shooting the photographs for the classic hip-hop album “Reasonable Doubt” by Jay-Z. In the years since, Jonathan’s photography has grown alongside the culture he so loves, helping to visually define an era of urban music. As DJ Quik once pointed out to him, the world sees hip-hop through his eyes. However, he is modestly circumspect about his role. “I’m just a messenger," he observes, "and I’ve been given a talent to document an extremely important era of music history. I have a love for hip-hop that goes back to when I was a teenager, and I feel blessed to have had the chance to shoot the artists I’ve worked with. I’ve had the opportunity to grow with them and the photos I’ve shot over the years have become visual bullet points of their creative evolution and mine."

To read the text interview, please click: bit.ly/MannionPortrait

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- Stewie is on point !


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- My man Saykoji, Wiswiz, Ras Muhammad, Yacko and the boys doin it some nice steez.. Indonesia represent !!

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NYLON Fashion & Art Festival

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Nylon & Nylon Guys Indonesia Fashion & Art Festival in Plaza Indonesia last October 23-30. I didn't got a chance to come during the event. Therefore i dont have good recap picture. You can click this links to see more picture HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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VIA partywithiloveglam

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- Mother of god..

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Go All Day
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A single-take, short film collaboration between Gatorade and The Berrics { theberrics.com } promoting Gatorade's 'Go All Day' campaign. Starring professional skateboarder and Gatorade athlete Chaz Ortiz.

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MASE CREW is known as one of Indonesia's leading Graffiti crew. They recently celebrated their seventh anniversary and named the event "Existence". The event showcased the urban culture starting from the work of graffiti artists, open cypher for bboys, bazaar that offered interesting merchandise, and also the appearance of MC's and DJ's who played underground hip-hop beats, neo soul, funk and boogie which really made MASE CREW's event unforgettable.
Big shout out for all the people who came down to the jam. Thank you for sharing good vibes with us, and specially for those who missed our party, watch and enjoy the video.

For more picture you can go to this link :

Mad Artists Striking Existence

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Short documentary about my wise friend SONIC BAD from New York, he been doing graffiti since 1970. A real honor to meet him last year in Jakarta.

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- Some of you maybe didn't notice how good he is..

VIA Abang8



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To celebrate our 7 years anniversary. We finally put together this short showreel to showcase our contribution for graffiti, taken from collage of footage we shot individually over years. A film by Tutu.

Mad Artists Striking Existence
Since 2004




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Italo Romano

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-This guy is inspiring..