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CABI stop making us jealous.! This is soo tight!


Non stopin

Friday | 8/21/2009 12:49:00 PM | 2 comments

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late updates. Here it is some of a great day workin with NAME2 and ZANY13 MASE CREW. A non stopin day with spray paint. The objective is to finish this giant wall with only half a day without having a good night sleep before hand. Yap, we're to tired to just start rollin. Can u imagine that..
On the other wall is YEAH and KOMA from Artcoholic. We even didnt have no time to talk when we're there painting together. We're in such a rush hour.
Im gonna post the full wall soon. Just stick around..



Monday | 8/10/2009 02:36:00 PM | 0 comments

Check out this nice tune from Lloyd pop. Also at 0:06 you will see my character on the background..

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He said on his BLOG.

"Mad love to the Indonesian Graff scene which I was so lucky to be a part of back in 98 and shit.. Darbotz be taking it up to a new level.. NSANE5 be vandalizing the city too... definitely art at its best...." - swerte

Big up to swerte. Gettin down the funky beats. Respect.