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nsane5 stikers at singapore..


money money money...

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Big up to choco7, thx for the rooftop man. More photo click HERE.

Nsane5, Choco7, The popo, Baka


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On a rainy season, we still set up a production. Me and tutu get in the car and leave to the spot. First the weather looks nice, but all the sudden it rains. But we still manage to finish it anyway..
Check out Tutu's blog.

Nsane5 X Tutu 2008


The Devil..
11/27/2008 04:08:00 AM | 0 comments

Definitely not my regular Sunday. Painting with Brize from Amsterdamry. yeah whattt?
Its really fun hanging out with him, he's also quite a funny man.haha But to bad we can't make more piece's with you. Well anyway, hope to see you again dude.. Nice meetin u. peazz
BRIZE myspace.
MORE pics.


Nsane5, Name2, Brize, Zany13

Brize, Nsane5, Zany13, and Name2(all character)


Indonesia Japan Expo
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Photos from Indonesia Japan Expo event at kemayoran Jakarta.

Nsane5 under the spot light



Tutu, Nsane5, Zany13

Nsane5 Canvas

Left: Indonesia (Wayang) Right: Japan (Warrior)

Big up's to Mine TTC.

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and another one..


400ML preview

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if you remember THIS post or THIS, here's the review on the event.

click HERE to see more video

click HERE or HERE to see more pics

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cipinang international hiphop festival

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Cipinang international hip hop festival 2008, is the first festival ever held inside the prison. Celebrated "sumpah pemuda" this huuuuge event makes the history of hip hop. Some of the local performer are yacko, neo, sweet martabak, diplomats international, remon, and more.. Joe Flizzow & Dj cza from malaysia also perform there. jeeaaah..! There's also breakdance by and live graffiti by loco artists..

Nsane5 [MASE, UBC, RHK] inside the cipinang prison

check out the review on the vid.

via liputan 6

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